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I love Firefox and I also love thunderbird but I do feel however Mozilla is overdoing it a bit lately.

For instance I do not like the new ‘preview tab’. I didn’t like it in chrome and I don’t like they have added it to Firefox.

My browser opens with a blank page and I also like new tabs to open with a blank page and not with some preview of websites that I often visit. I know I open facebook every now and then but if I want go to facebook I’ll type it in. Same for twitter, news sites and other websites I visit regularly.

So how can I disable Firefox 13 new tab preview?

Luckily everybody who does not like the new behaviour of Firefox can disable it:

  1. Type about:config in browser and press enter.
  2. Click on warning “I’ll be careful, I Promise” and type newtabpage in the search box
  3. Double click on browser.newtabpage.enabled preference to change the setting from True to False