iQ Block Country, the wordpress plugin that blocks countries for you.

iQ Block Country, the wordpress plugin that blocks countries for you.

iQ Block Country is a WordPress plugin that allows you to block visitors based on from which country they are from or which IP address they are from.

This plugin is tested up to WordPress 4.4.2, there are no guarantees that this version will work on (much) older versions. However if you run into problems with an older version of WordPress do not hesitate to contact me. In fact if you run into problems, have issues, have questions or just any comment at all just leave them in the comment fields or contact me via mail or the contact form.

Latest version: 1.1.31

If you would like to contribute or donate to this plugin please visit this page.


iQ Block Country is a plugin that allows you to limit access to your website content.
You can either allow or disallow visitors from defined countries to (parts of) your content.

For instance if you have content that should be restricted to a limited set of countries you can do so.
If you want to block rogue countries that cause issues like for instance hack attempts, spamming of your comments etc
you can block them as well.

Do you want secure your WordPress Admin backend site to only your country? Entirely possible! You can even
block all countries and only allow your ip address.

And even if you block a country you can still allow certain visitors by whitelisting their ip address just
like you can allow a country but blacklist ip addresses from that country.

You can show blocked visitors a message which you can style by using CSS or you can redirect them to a page
within your WordPress site. Or you can redirect the visitors to an external website.

You can (dis)allow visitors to blog articles, blog categories or pages or all content.

Stop visitors from doing harmful things on your WordPress site or limit the countries that can access your
blog. Add an additional layer of security to your WordPress site.

This plugin uses the GeoLite database from Maxmind. It has a 99.5% accuracy so that is pretty good for a free database. If you need higher accuracy you can buy a license from MaxMind directly.
If you cannot or do not want to download the GeoIP database from Maxmind you can use the GeoIP API website available on

If you want to use the GeoLite database from Maxmind you will have to download the GeoIP database from MaxMind directly and upload it to your site.
The WordPress license does not allow this plugin to download the MaxMind Geo database for you.

Using this plugin with a caching plugin

Please note that many of the caching plugins are not compatible with this plugin. The nature of caching is that a dynamically build web page is cached into a static page.
If a visitor is blocked this plugin sends header data where it supplies info that the page should not be cached. Many plugins however disregard this info and cache the
page or the redirect. Resulting in valid visitors receiving a message that they are blocked. This is not a malfunction of this plugin.

Disclaimer: No guarantees are made but after some light testing the following caching plugins seem to work: Comet Cache, WP Super Cache
Plugins that do NOT work: W3 Total Cache, Hyper cache


1. Unzip the archive and put the `iq-block-country` folder into your plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/).
2. Download the IPv4 database from:
3. Unzip the GeoIP database and upload it to your upload dir usually /wp-content/uploads/GeoIP.dat
4. Download the IPv6 database if you have a website running on IPv6 from:
5. Unzip the GeoIP database and upload it to your upload dir usually /wp-content/uploads/GeoIPv6.dat
6. If you do not want to or cannot download the MaxMind GeoIP database you can use the GeoIP API.
7. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
8. Go to the settings page and choose which countries you want to ban. Use the ctrl key to select multiple countries

Frequently Asked Questions

How come that I still see visitors from countries that I blocked in Statpress or other statistics software?

It’s true that you might see hits from countries that you have blocked in your statistics software.

This however does not mean this plugin does not work, it just means somebody tried to access a certain page or pages and that that fact is logged.

If you are worried this plugin does not work you could try to block your own country or your own ip address and afterwards visit your frontend website and see if it actually works. Also if you have access to the logfiles of the webserver that hosts your website you can see that these visitors are actually denied with a HTTP error 403.

How come I still see visitors being blocked from other security plugins?

Other wordpress plugins handle the visitors also. They might run before iQ Block Country or they might run after iQ Block Country runs.

This however does not mean this plugin does not work, it just means somebody tried to access a certain page, post or your backend and another plugin also handled the request.

If you are worried this plugin does not work you could try to block your own country or your own ip address and afterwards visit your frontend website and see if it actually works. Also if you have access to the logfiles of the webserver that hosts your website you can see that these visitors are actually denied with a HTTP error 403.

This plugin does not work, I blocked a country and still see visitors!

Well, this plugin does in fact work but is limited to the data MaxMind provides. Also in your statistics software or logfiles you probably will see log entries from countries that you have blocked. See the “How come I still see visitors…” FAQ for that.

If you think you have a visitor from a country you have blocked lookup that specific IP address on the tools tab and see which country MaxMind thinks it is. If this is not the same country you may wish to block the country that MaxMind thinks it is.

Whoops I made a whoops and blocked my own country from visiting the backend. Now I cannot login… HELP!

I am afraid this can only be solved by editing your MySQL database,directly editing the rows in the wp_options table. You can use a tool like PHPMyAdmin for that.

If you don’t know how to do this please ask your hosting provider if they can help, or ask me if I can help you out!

Why do you not make something that can override that it blocks my country from the backend.

Well, if you can use a manual override so can the people that want to ‘visit’ your backend.

This plugin is meant to keep people out. Perhaps you keep a key to your house somewhere hidden in your garden but this plugin does not have a key somewhere hidden… So if you locked yourself out you need to call a locksmith (or pick the lock yourself of course!)

How can I style the banned message?

You can style the message by using CSS in the textbox. You are also able to include images, so you could visualize that people are banned from your site.

You can also provide a link to another page explaining why they might be banned. Only culprit is that it cannot be a page on the same domain name as people would be banned from that page as well.

You can use for instance:


Go away!

you basicly can use everything as within a normal HTML page. Including images for instance.

Does this plugin also work with IPv6?

Since v1.0.7 this plugin supports IPv6. IPv6 IP addresses are more and more used because there are no new IPv4 IP addresses anymore.

If your webhosting company supplies your with both IPv4 and IPv6 ip addresses please also download the GeoIPv6 database or use the GeoIP API service.

If your webhosting company does not supply an IPv6 IP address yet please ask them when they are planning to.

Why is the GeoLite database not downloaded anymore ?

The WordPress guys have contacted me that the license of the MaxMind GeoLite database and the WordPress license conflicted. So it was no longer
allowed to include the GeoLite database or provide an automatic download or download button. Instead users should download the database themselves
and upload them to the website.

WordPress could be held liable for any license issue. So that is why the auto download en update was removed from this plugin.

Does this plugin work with caching?

In some circumstances: No

The plugin does it best to prevent caching of the “You are blocked” message. However most caching software can be forced to cache anyway. You may or may not be able to control the behavior of the caching method.

The plugin does it bests to avoid caching but under circumstances the message does get cached.
Either change the behavior of your caching software or disable the plugin.

How can I select multiple countries at once?

You can press the CTRL key and select several countries.

Perhaps also a handy function is that you can type in a part of the name of the country!

You can select/deselect all countries by selecting “(de)select all countries…”

If you just want to allow some countries you can also use the invert function by selecting the countries you want to allow and select invert this selection.

How can I get a new version of the GeoIP database?

You can download the database(s) directly from MaxMind and upload them to your website.

1. Download the IPv4 database from:
2. Unzip the GeoIP database and upload it to your upload dir usually /wp-content/uploads/GeoIP.dat
3. Download the IPv6 database if you have a website running on IPv6 from:
4. Unzip the GeoIP database and upload it to your upload dir usually /wp-content/uploads/GeoIPv6.dat

Maxmind updates the GeoLite database every month.

I get “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent” errors

This is possible if another plugin or your template sends out header information before this plugin does. You can deactivate and reactivate this plugin, it will try to load as the first plugin upon activation.

If this does not help you out deselect “Send headers when user is blocked”. This will no longer send headers but only display the block message. This however will mess up your website if you use caching software for your website.

This also does not work if you use a page or url redirect as that relies on sending headers for redirecting the visitor to another page or URL.

What data get sends to you when I select “Allow tracking”?

If you select this option each hour the plugin checks if it has new data to send back to the central server.

This data consists of each IP address that has tried to login to your backend and how many attempts were made since the last check.

Goal of this feature is to check if we can create a user-driven database of rogue IP addresses that try to login to the backend.

If storing or sharing an IP address is illegal in your country do not select this feature.

The laws in my country do not allow storing IP addresses as it is personal information.

You can select the option on the home tab “Do not log IP addresses” to stop iQ Block Country from logging IP addresses. This will however also break the statistics.

I have moved my WordPress site to another host. Now iQ Block Country cannot find the GeoIP databases anymore =

Somewhere in your WordPress database there is a wp_options table. In the wp_options table is an option_name called ‘upload_path’.

There probably is an (old) path set as option_value. If you know your way around MySQL (via PHPMyAdmin for instance) you can empty the option_value.
This should fix your problem.

Please note that your wp_options table may be called differently depending on your installation choices.

Jetpack does not work anymore with your plugin!

Jetpack uses xmlrpc.php to communicate with your site. xmlrpc.php is considered as a backend url and therefore blocked if needed.

You can allow Jetpack by selecting “Jetpack” as a search engine on the search engines tab.



  • Change: Small changes in GeoIP API calls
  • New: A warning is displayed for known caching plugins that ignore the no caching headers.
  • Change: Small changes
  • Change: Moved some of the urls to https, more to follow.
  • New: Added option to block / unblock tag pages.


  • Change: Added new GeoIP API location for Asia-Pacific region.
  • Change: Added some missing country icons.


  • Change: Small changes in GeoIP API calls
  • New: Added database information to tools tab.
  • New: Added support for rename wp-login plugin


  • Bugfix: Altered mysql_get_client_info check as in some setups this gave a fatal error.
  • New: Added WordPress Jetpack as search engine. You can allow Jetpack to communicate with your site if you have Jetpack installed.
  • New: Added option to allow admin-ajax.php visits if you use backend blocking.

= 1.1.27 =

* Bugfix: Fixed small bug

= 1.1.26 =

* New: xmlrpc.php is now handled the same way as other backend pages.
* Change: Updated chosen library to latest version.
* Change: Added a (de)select all countries to the backend en frontend country list.
* Change: Changed order of how the plugin detects the ip address.
* Change: Added detection of more header info that can contain the proper ip address
* New: Added support forum to the site.
* Change: Added download urls on database is too old message.

= 1.1.25 =

* Bugfix: Altered checking for Simple Security Firewall

= 1.1.24 =

* New: Added support for Lockdown WordPress Admin
* New: Added support for WordPress Security Firewall (Simple Security Firewall)
* Change: Various small changes


* Bugfix: Fixed bug if cURL was not present in PHP version
* New: When local GeoIP database present it checks if database is not older than 3 months and alerts users in a non-intrusive way.

= 1.1.22 =

* Bugfix: Category bug squashed
* Change: Altered text-domain
* New: Added export of all logging data to csv. This exports max of 1 month of blocked visitors from frontend & backend.

= 1.1.21 =

* Change: Minor improvements
* New: Added check to detect closest location for GeoIP API users
* Bugfix: Fixed an error if you lookup an ip on the tools tab while using the inverse function it sometimes would not display correctly if a country was blocked or not.
* New: Added support for All in one WP Security Change Login URL. If you changed your login URL iQ Block Country will detect this setting and use it with your backend block settings.

= 1.1.20 =

* New: Added Google Ads to search engines
* New: Added Redirect URL (Basic code supplied by Stefan)
* New: Added inverse selection on frontend. (Basic code supplied by Stefan)
* New: Added inverse selection on backend.
* New: Validated input on the tools tab.

= 1.1.19 =

* Bugfix: Check if MaxMind databases actually exist.
* New: Unzip MaxMind database(s) if gzip file is found.
* New: Block post types
* New: Added option to select if you want to block your search page.
* New: When (re)activating the plugin it now adds the IP address of the person activating the plugin to the backend whitelist if the whitelist is currently empty.

= 1.1.18 =

* Changed working directory for the GeoIP database to /wp-content/uploads

= 1.1.17 =

* Due to a conflict of the license where WordPress is released under and the license the MaxMind databases are released under I was forced to remove all auto downloads of the GeoIP databases. You now have to manually download the databases and upload them yourself.
* Added Webence GeoIP API lookup. See for more information about this API.

= 1.1.16 =

* New: Accessibility option. You can now choose if you want the country default selectbox or an normal selectbox.
* New: New button to empty the logging database..
* New: You can now set the option to not log the ip addresses to the database. This does not influence the blocking process only the logging process. This can be handy if the laws in your country do not permit you to log this information or if you choose not to log this information

= 1.1.15 =

* Bugfix: You can now set an option to buffer the output of the iQ Block Country plugin. If you use for instance NextGen Gallery you should not set this option as it will break uploading pictures to your gallery.
* Bugfix: Last time GeoIP databases were downloaded was wrong.
* Bugfix: If you configured auto-update of the GeoIP databases the tools tab showed that you did not configure auto update.
* Added check for HTTP_X_TM_REMOTE_ADDR to get real ip address of T-Mobile users.
* Added Twitter, Bitly, Cliqz and TinEye to the search engines list.
* New: No longer blocks category pages of categories you have not blocked.
* Bugfix: Added check if HTTP_USER_AGENT is set.

= 1.1.14 =

* Bugfix: The plugin did not recognise the login page when installed to a subdirectory.
* New: You can configure if it auto updates the GeoIP Database. Upon request of those people who have the paid database of MaxMind.
* Added Facebook and MSN to list of search engines.
* Changed the version of the file to the version of

= 1.1.13 =

* Bugfix on setting defaults when they values already existed.
* You can now allow search engines access to your country even if they come from countries that you want to block.

= 1.1.12 =

* Bugfix on the backend blacklist / whitelist

= 1.1.11 =

* Added select box on how many rows to display on the logging tab
* Redirect blocked users to a specific page instead of displaying the block message.
* Added blacklist and whitelist of IP addresses to the backend.
* Adjusted some text
* Minor bugfixes

= 1.1.10 =

* Small fixes
* WP 3.9 compatability issue fixed

= 1.1.9 =

* Bugfix release due to faulty v1.1.8 release. My Apologies.

= 1.1.8 =

* Smashed a bug where the homepage was unprotected due to missing check.

= 1.1.7 =

* Added Russian (ru_RU) translation by Maxim
* Added Serbo-Croatian (sr_RU) translation by Borisa Djuraskovic (Webostinghub)
* Changed the logging table a bit.

= 1.1.6 =
* Added to ban categories. This works the same way as blocking pages (By request of FVCS)
* Changed the admin page layout. Added tabs for frontend and backend blocking to make it look less cluttered
* Added optional tracking to the plugin. This is an experiment to see if building a database of IP addresses that try to login to the backend is viable.
* Upon first activation the plugin now fills the backend block list with all countries except the country that is currently used to activate.
* Added IP checking in header HTTP_CLIENT_IP and HTTP_X_REAL_IP

= 1.1.5 =

* Statistics required wp-config.php in a specific place bug smashed.

= 1.1.4 =

* Added import/export function.
* Minor bugs solved

= 1.1.3 =

* Fixed error that when using the option to block individual pages all visitors would be blocked. (Thanks to apostlepoe for reporting)

= 1.1.2 =

* Fixed localization error. (Thanks to Lisa for reporting)

= 1.1.1 =

* You can now choose to block individual pages. Leaving other pages open for visitors from blocked countries. You can for instance use this feature to block countries from visiting specific pages due to content rights etc.
* Source now supports localization. Included is the English and Dutch language. I’d be happy to include other translations if anyone can supply those to me.

= 1.1 =

* Added statistics to the plugin.
* You can view the last 15 hosts that were blocked including the url they visited.
* You can view the top 15 of countries that were blocked in the past 30 days.
* You can view the top 15 of hosts that were blocked in the past 30 days.
* You can view the top URL’s that were most blocked in the past 30 days.

= 1.0.12 =

* The block message size box is now larger so there is more room for styling the message.
* Whitelist of IPvX IP addresses for the frontend. Use a semicolon to separate IP addresses.
* Blacklist of IPvX IP addresses for the frontend. Use a semicolon to separate IP addresses.

= 1.0.11 =

* You are now able to lookup which country belongs to an ip address in the backend. If the IP address is from a country that is banned this will be displayed.
* New way of selecting countries you wish to block upon multiple request. The selection box is now in sort of facebook style.
* Choose if you want to sent out headers or not. For people who get “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent” errors.
* Counter added for how many visitors where blocked from frontend and backend website.
* Code cleanup

= 1.0.10 =

* You can select different countries to block from your frontend website and your backend website.
* Made it more visible what IP you are logged in from, which country it is from and that you should not block your own country from your backend site.
* Minor changes to the settings page.
* A bit of code cleanup for future improvements.

= 1.0.9 =

* Bugfix release. The backend was not blocked in multi-site (network) setup.

= 1.0.8 =
* Automatically download new GeoIP updates from Maxmind. This is checked each time you login on the WordPress admin site (Code by williewonka)
* Also block login attempts to the wp-admin site (Code by williewonka)
* Send no cache headers with the output.

= 1.0.7 =
* The plugin now detects if your IP address is blocked by MaxMind when downloading the GeoIP database and if so has an adjusted error message.
* New option: New checkbox to allow you to not block users that are logged in despite if they come from a blocked country. Use wisely πŸ™‚
* First version of IPv6 support.
* New Download IPv6 database button. Press “Download new GeoIP IPv6 database” if you need IPv6 support.

= 1.0.6 =
* Fixed error when not being able to download the GeoIP.dat.gz file from Maxmind it would not display the correct path.

= 1.0.5 =
* Corrected php opening tags (Reported by Phil from
* Sorted list of countries (As suggested by Phil from
* You can now customize the message that users get when they are blocked.
* We moved from to Please update your links πŸ™‚

= 1.0.4 =
* Added a button to download the new GeoIP database.

= 1.0.3 =
* FAQ updated
* Try to make sure this plugin is loaded first to avoid “headers already sent” trouble.

= 1.0.2 =
* PHP 5.2 or higher required
* Fixed an include bug when other plugins also use the MaxMind database. Thanks to Marcus from LunaWorX for finding this bug.

= 1.0.1 =
* Included the necessary file.. *duh*

= 1.0 =
* Initial release

Upgrade Notice

= 1.1.18 =

This plugin no longer downloads the MaxMind database. You have to download manually or use the GeoIP API.


You can download this plugin from the WordPress Plugin site:

Planned features

  • Block wp-comments
  • Allow human visitors to pass on the frontend.

Feature requests

If you miss a certain feature or if you would like to see something else changed or added please let me know. I am open to any suggestion that may improve this plugin.


Please leave a (positive or negative) review at theΒ  WordPress plugin site this will not only be able to help me but also other users deciding if this is plugin is something for their wordpress site.

Only thing I ask you to do when you leave a negative review is first read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Old page

This is a new page for this plugin. The old one can still be found here.

188 thoughts on “iQ Block Country, the wordpress plugin that blocks countries for you.

  1. Add button for clean all logs, i have see 10 mb on mysql in table wp_iqblockcountry, pls.. Plugin is fantastic thanks!

    1. Hi,

      The database cleans data older than 1 month automatically. Does this help?

  2. Hoang Long


    Can I block a certain post to be accessed by visitors from a certain country? I just install the plugin and only see option to Page or Categories level.


    1. Hi,

      Posts no, that would require another version of the plugin where you can change the settings per post.

      Pages yes

      1. Hoang Long

        I hope the new version will be coming soon. Thanks for your answer.

  3. Christoph

    After update to current release I had a permissions problem. I needed to set 757 permissions to the plugin folder manually.

  4. Really useful plugin. My site was having all of its monthly bandwidth allowance stolen by spammers and now seems to be working just fine thanks to iQ Block Country – mainly China, Ukraine and US ! Naughty Children!

    1. Hi,

      Thank your for your comment πŸ™‚ If you have not done so yet please also leave a rating at the wordpress plugin page.

  5. Rane

    What is the API key? – where do i get it? what is it used for? I can’t find any reference to it with a google search for IQ Block Country, or for GeoIP !Will this work without one? Also, how can I verify that the GeoIP files have in fact been downloaded? Thank You. I very much need this service.

    1. HI Rane,

      You do not need the API key for the plugin to function. It’s just an additional feature where you retrieve additional IP addresses of “bad people” for extra protection of your backend. It has not yet been decided if I want to provide this additional feature for free, paid or not at all.

  6. WP 4.0.1.
    IQ Block Country 1.1.15

    For frontend I use “manually” blocking countries, from which I received attacks in the past. This is China and Panama so far. For the backend I block every country, except my own and unknown.

    When browsing from my iPhone (Telekom/ T-Mobile, Germany) it says on the front end “forbidden – You are not permitted to browse this site.”.. When I try to login to backend (with almost all countries blocked) it works.

    This looks like an error/ bug to me.

    Can You please check?

    Thank You

    1. Hi,

      I believe somebody else already reported that T-Mobile does not supply the real ip address for mobile users, I memory serves me well T-Mobile uses public IP addresses that are not theirs as internal IP addresses and supply that info to browsers.

      This is a problem with T-Mobile

  7. Pascal only one thing ….. is a must have for me.
    Helps me a lot to fight with the usual countries who bomb my web with spam and brute force attacks, thanks again.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you. Be sure to also leave a couple of stars on the wordpress plugin site so other people can see you’re happy with it πŸ™‚

  8. Pablo

    Hi there! First of all thanks for this great plugin.
    I’m having an issue and I can’t find any other user with the same problem.

    I only want to block users from one specific country to see one of my pages. To do that, in Frontend I selected “Block visitors from visiting the frontend of your website:” and on pages I selected “Do you want to block individual pages: If you do not select this option all pages will be blocked.” and then I selected the page that I want to block.
    After this all my site is blocked to users from the chosen country.

    Am I doing something wrong or forgetting something?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Pablo,

      I was not entirely awake this morning so I responded to your question by email instead of on the site. So check your email πŸ™‚

    2. deadFreak

      Same here. I want to forbid people from certain countries to see some pages due to :issues:. I did almost exactly the same as Pablo, with the exception of β€œBlock visitors from visiting the frontend of your website”, which I de-select it. In my case, I checked through a proxy but those pages are still available. How can I do?

      Thank you.

  9. ljcriswell

    I installed the plugin from WordPress. I activated it, but I can’t do anything with it. I’m sure I’m probably stupid but all I see is “deactivate” and “edit”. there is nothing there to click for settings or anything. I’m lost. what am I doing wrong??

    1. Hi,

      You can find the settings under the settings tab where you also can find the settings of WordPress itself.

      1. ljcriswell

        I found the settings. Thank you. Now that I’ve got it installed, I’m not sure this will work for me. I’m trying to block mainly Russia from accessing my site at all because of all the referrer spam they hit me with. It shows up on my Google Analytics that all these referrer spammers are coming from Russia and are “looking at” (which they aren’t really) articles on my blog that don’t exist. but I have no idea what their specific IP’s are. For example, someone from Russia was referred by and also and are viewing pages called Apple and co.lumb, which are not really pages on my blog. Can I just select Russia from a dropdown and it blocks these types of spammers from anywhere in Russia from hitting my site or is this not the program for that type of thing? If it is the right program, and it will block referrer spam how in the world do I find out their IP’s if it’s mandatory that I list them specifically rather than just selecting a whole country?

        1. If you want to block visitors from Russia you have to select Russia from the dropdown. This will however not block visitors from other countries that are refered by for instance

        2. Becky

          I am also having problems blocking Russia, I have selected to block Russian Federation from both the frontend and backend, but according to Google Analytics I am still getting loads of referral spam from Russia. So it doesn’t appear that it is working for me.

        3. Hi Becky,

          The plugin does not check the referer only the location the person who visits your site is from. If you allow for instance The Netherlands a visitor will be allowed even if it comes from a spammy link from Russia.

          And even blocked countries can show up in your statistics see: How come that I still see visitors from countries that I blocked in Statpress or other statistics software? in the FAQ section.

  10. Brian Johnson

    Greets Pascal! Great plugin which I am inding very useful….Thank You!

    One thing I would like to see in the next update – if that is possible – is the ability to redirect ‘unwanted visitors’ to a specific URL of my choice, rather than just to a Page within my web site.

    Keep up the good work!


  11. At this moment the plugin is no longer listed on the WordPress plugin site as the automatic download of the GeoIP database violates the GPL license of WordPress.

    So I have to remove the automatic download and instruct users to manually download the GeoIP database.

      1. Fabrice

        I’m also interested in having the current release πŸ˜‰

      2. You can fetch the latest version from here:

        You ofcourse will have to manually install it via FTP or scp/ssh

  12. Andy

    It seems like it also block the country from using the search function on the site? Is there a way to stop it from blocking the visitors ? Because I only want it to block post within a category…

    1. Not at this moment. Searching could lead to displaying (parts of) articles that should be blocked. But might look into a solution in the future.

  13. Wade Ferrari

    so is using the plugin no longer free? i see whats happeneing with maxmind but i was really after a plugin i don’t have to pay for to make work. ive had it for 2 years and its worked really well til now.

    1. Pascal

      The plugin is still free. You can download the database from Maxmind yourself (the plugin or the manual gives you the link where to download).

      Due to licensing issues I was no longer allowed to auto download the databases for you. So you have to do this manually now. But the plugin is still free. The only option that was added if you do not want to download the databases yourself to use the geoip API.

  14. Allan

    Hi there, I am just wondering if I can use this plugin to block visitors from using another plugin? I have a poll plugin on the website and I don’t want a specific country to be able to vote on it. Thanks

    1. Pascal

      Hi Allan,

      If the poll plugin is loaded on a page or blog then yes you can.

      It does not block plugins but it can block pages or blogs.

  15. Uwe

    Hello Pascal, I love your WordPress Plugin I Block Country very much. Is there a version available for Non WordPress Users?
    For example, a version that I must only include in the header.php of my website.

    1. Hi Uwe,

      No there is not but a system like iQ Block Country would be fairly easy to integrate in any custom PHP application

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  17. Uwe

    Do you have a hint for me or a link to a tutorial how to do that? My PHP skills are not the best.

    1. Dear Pascal,

      I wonder if your Plugin would redirect to a specific page instead of blocking access to a specific country.

      I would like to have two versions of the same page (let’s say page A, an page B), so people accessing from country A would have access to page A, but if people from country B try to access page A, then I would like to redirect them to page B, instead of just displaying a forbidden access page.

      Is this possible???

      Thank you so much for your answer!

      Kind regards from Mexico.

      1. Hi,

        No the plugin does not support redirecting of specific pages to another page.

        Only blocking with a message or a redirect to a block page.

  18. Note there is a typo – i think php is case sensative. The function name should have 2 Upper case C and not only one…. I think this means that function is not registered/called ?

    $ grep -i -R “checkCountry” *
    iq-block-country.php: add_action ( ‘login_head’, ‘iqblockcountry_checkCountry’, 1 );
    iq-block-country.php: add_action ( ‘wp_head’, ‘iqblockcountry_checkCountry’, 1 );
    libs/blockcountry-checks.php:function iqblockcountry_CheckCountry() {

  19. Hello Pascal,
    Thansk for your useful plugin.

    I use your plugin for my 2 sites. One site is working perfect, I block all counries (but my own country) to my backend.
    I did all the same setting to my other site, but it’s not working. The hackers from the countries that I were blocked are still attacking my backend.
    I had the attack many times. Right now, I’m under the attack.
    Please advise me.
    Thank you very much!

  20. I set a redirect to a random website for all countries except USA, but everyone in the USA is also getting redirected. So I deleted your addon and they are still getting redirected so I am in real trouble.

  21. JM

    Hello. As a suggestion, it would be nice if the if in the section “Retrieves the IP address from the HTTP Headers” of the script started with HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR instead of REMOTE_ADDR. Because when Cloudflare is on, the site just stops letting me in regardless of my IP. Cloudflare always passes a U. S. REMOTE_ADDR, and visitors from the US are banned on my backend. So I have to adjust the script manually after every update.

    1. Pascal


      In next version there will be extra headers added and the order where it picks the ip address from will be changed.

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