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The first 25 people who responded correctly will get a free Admin block API Key for a year.

What do you have to do to be eligble:

  • You have to block visitors from your backend website.
  • You have to have set the Allow tracking on the home tab of the settings page of iQ Block Country.
  • You have to fill in the contact form and supply the following data: Your email address, your website address and of course that you want to get a free admin block api key.

You will get a response in aprox 1 working day.

What does the Admin block do?

Together with all other people that use iQ Block Country and allow tracking we’ve built a database of people that have been blocked from the backend AKA bad visitors that you want to block from your website regardless of the countries that you have actually blocked.

Ofcourse if a person only gets blocked from a backend once or twice it probably is a mistake. If it happens a dozen of times on different website than you are probably just a very bad guy with bad intentions.

The admin block only works when you are blocking visitors from your backend. Otherwise it has no use other than wasting bandwith. And because you get a free key we also expect you to partipate in building this database. So that is why you have to allow tracking.

Questions? Please let me know!